It was wonderful see you next year!

It was wonderful
From March 20th till March 24th, Zagreb hosted the Festival of Lights. This event is supported by the City of Zagreb and organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board.

The historic center of the town was illuminated with the spectacular lighting solutions based on new technologies. Performances were held every day from 6 to 11 pm.

It was wonderful

Festival of Lights Zagreb is the only festival of this kind in Croatia. Very attractive light installations and projections gave a completely new visure to many locations of Upper Town. The theme of the festival was the spring that symbolizes the awakening, growth and renaissance.

It was wonderful

Zagreb really lighted up life to everyone who was here during the event. Artists used the city as a painting canvas as its buildings, monuments, promenades and squares shined at night with high tech lights, lasers and graphic effects that created a true spectacle of colours, images and figures. Spring 2019 was welcomed with shimmer and glow.

It was wonderful

This was the year third time in a row, the Festival of Lights took place in Zagreb and we are already looking forward to hext one. As one of the first Zagreb events in spring, the Festival of Lights attracts more and more tourists every year.

It was wonderful

With this  festival  Zagreb will joined the other world cities that have a tradition of holding simiar festivals as Lyon, Amsterdam , Helsinki , Prague, St. Petersburg , Berlin and some others are.

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