The Festival of Lights in Lyon

Festival svijetla u Lyonu


The Festival of Lights is one of Lyon’s most famous Festivals.It broadcasts Lyon’s heritage and creates an immense buzz throughout the city.

The city definitely lives up to its title as the city of lights and will not disappoint. The Festival is spread over 4 days of pure magic. 7-10 December 2017, in Lyon, from 8 pm to midnight.

The programme promises nights of enchantment. Each night brings a different theme, color scheme and vibe. The Festival is innovative, intriguing and startling, and best of all free of charge.

Designers from all over the world take part in this wonderful event. Video, Music and Sound effects are used to accompany the vibrant projections. Images are dotted around the city.

The best spectacle is located in the city centre

The exceptional spectacle shows the centre of the city at its best. Incorporating buildings, rivers and places into the show.

If you are still not convinced, what better to do then to experience the festival yourself, Lyon awaits your visit.

Festival svijetla u Lyonu