Where is Croatia?

Where is Croatia

Where is Croatia? Nobody but europeans seems to know. Tavel + Leisure in the recently released data available from Google’s Year in Search 2018 showed that ‘Where is Croatia’ was the second-most searched term for ‘where is’. Croatia was the only country in the entire top ten.

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Where is Croatia

It’s very good that so many people are interested where Croatia is. But on the other hand it’s concerning that so few people know where it is.

Clearly, Croatia is hot and a total mystery to find. For those who are not familiar with the country, the simple answer is that Croatia is in Europe. But the more detailed answer is that it’s bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. And, if you look on a map, it’s just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.

Where is Croatia

The tourist season is between April and October, thanks to nice weather. The summer season is most popular since Croatia is known for having spectacular beaches.

Where is Croatia

2018 has been an extraordinary year for so many reasons, and few Croats will forget it due to the heroics on Russian football fields this summer. It is easy to figure out where this intres in Croatia came from.

Where is Croatia

Mystery solved. But now that we’ve found it, this might be the perfect time to plan a trip to actually go there.

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